Printing Tips & DIY 


We want your tile photos to be perfect. So we personally edit each photo to ensure optimum print quality. We even offer professional retouching, and a variety of fun digital art edits. Our tiles are American made, which we hand-print in our Orlando workshop.

What makes our tiles special?

Photographs are how we tell the stories of our lives and celebrate what we love. Pick your favorites from one of our fun & complimentary photoshoots or send us your favorite photos, and we'll turn them into stunning HD photo prints and gifts. One of the things that make us unique is that our photographers take pride in enhancing each of your photos before we print them, to ensure your photos look their best.

We'd love to help you turn your photos into eye-catching conversation pieces for your home.

Using advanced photographic technology, we take pride in enhancing your photos- from our own professional shots to your favorite cell phone snaps to create vibrant, eye-popping HD prints of your images.

Made by Hand- The tiles we print on are carefully checked for scratches from start to finish. After you place your order, we carefully select, print, frame & ship your tiles. We’re an experienced business, and we like when things are done right. We’re dedicated to creating Photo Tiles & Wall Art that you’re excited to display in your home or give to friends.

Hanging Tile Collages on the Wall

Installing: Be sure to check out the size dimensions, and weight of your art piece before you put it on the wall. The weight is important when picking what sort of bracket, screw or wall nail you will use. Our tiles are roughly 1 pound each for 6×6 tile and 4 pounds each for 12×12 tiles.

Clean your DuraPic™ tiles with a soft cloth or swiffer.

Clean your tiles with a microfiber cloth or dust cloth.

For our smaller pieces we will have wire attached, which you can use 1 or 2 hooks for, depending on your preference. For some of our larger collages, we have 2 brackets to mount your pieces by, which do great with anchored wall hooks.

Cleaning Advice

To clean your tiles you can use standard window cleaning solution with microfiber towels or dust clothes work great also. The tiles are very scratch-resistant and waterproof, but avoid scraping or scratching the surface with metal or extremely sharp objects.

Ceramic Tile DIY

Framing: To frame your single tiles or tile collages yourself, be sure to check our tile dimensions to ensure the correct fit. Also, make sure that the hanging brackets you use can safely support the weight of the ceramic tiles. Other than that, the sky’s the limit!

You design it, we’ll print it! Our Photo Tiles have been used in bathroom, kitchen & outdoor patio renovations.

Backsplash & Pool Installation Tips: For the true DIYers out there, you can install your tiles on the wall as a backsplash. It’s an innovative new way to incorporate photos of your family, relaxing nature photos or artwork into your Kitchen, Bathroom, Patio or Office. For quotes on creating backsplashes or 20+ Tile Panels, email us at or give us a call at 407-503-1365 from 10-5pm EST.

For information on installing tiles, Lowe’s Home Improvement has a great installation guide here: Lowe’s Tile Installation Guide.

More Ideas: When it comes to Tile Photos, the sky’s the limit! Turn your coasters into trays, replace the

tiles on the Martha Stewart Patio Collection with 12×12″ Kingsley Tiles, or create a neat pattern on your wall with our 6×6″ Omni tiles with wall backers. Tag us in your projects- we love to see what people create with our Tiles!