5 Top Tips for Wonderful Easter Family & Kids Photo in 2014

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Easter and springtime are one of the most popular holidays to have your family photos taken.


Because it's great to start off the year with a family portrait that reflects how your family started the year- especially while your kids are young and changing so quickly! Also, the vibrant palette of Spring Easter clothes add a great splash of color to your family & children's portraits. Of course, putting your kids in fancy clothes and trying to line your family up in front of a camera is an easier thing said than done. If you'd like your Easter 2014 photos of your kids & family that will really wow your friends and family, then save yourself a headache with these tips from our photographers.


1.  Use a professional photographer. No matter how great your camera is, there is more to getting a good portrait than meets the eye! Finding an experienced and well recommended photographer will make your experience much less stressful, and means you don't have to balance your camera on self-timer to get yourself in the photo too. Photographers not only have a variety of ideas for posing & setting up more candid shots, your kids will also usually pay better attention to someone who is not their parent. Also, experienced photographers know about how to use ambient lighting to make sure you and your kids look your best.

2. What do you wear to an Easter portrait session? The two most important things are that you pick clothes that are a. colorful & reflect your style, and b. comfortable and make you or your kids feel good about yourself in. No matter how cute that fitted dress is, if it's too itchy and uncomfortable that it causes a distraction for your little one, it greatly decreases your chances for success for getting a natural, happy portrait of your child! Don't be afraid to add some color to your outfits also, but make sure you pick a blend of colors that go well together. Accessories also add a fun touch- hats, flowered hair ties, and other little details are a great way to compliment your kids smiles.

3. Have fun & give your kids something to smile about! Bubbles. Flowers. Balloons. Easter baskets. A beloved family pet. Some people can smile easily on demand, but for those of us "cheesy smilers" out there or people who are more nervous in front of the camera, candid moments and props can help us look our best. So instead of asking your kids to smile (and then asking them to do a "real smile"), try giving your kids a bubble wand or telling them or count their Easter eggs. You will be amazed by the simple fact that adding a fun element to your photos will make your kid's pictures turn out much better. Since these are Easter photo sessions, getting photos of your kids playing with their Easter baskets, toys or and your family pet can make their photo experience much more fun. Oftentimes these days parents want to take a perfect picture, and they put too much pressure on their kids. We photograph thousands of families every year, and when we are looking through our photo sessions you can definitely see a difference in when kids are genuinely having fun, because it shines through in the best photos!
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4. Pick a fun, well lit location. This is a great time of the year to be outside, especially if you live in Orlando! Springtime flowers are out, and there are plenty of beautiful green lawns about that will add a wonderful natural feel to your kids photos. If you book a session here in Orlando with one of our family art photographers, we have a great area that is gorgeous this time of year at our Villa garden here at the Portofino Bay Hotel. And keep your eye out for our next blog entry, where we'll share our top 5 favorite photo locations here at our gorgeous resort location!

5. Don't forget to share & gift your photos. What's next after you've taken your spring or Easter family photos? Now it's time to share, display and archive your photos. ep your loved ones updated. Nothing will cheer a grandparent's day like getting a great portrait of their beloved grandkids (tip: grandparents love clear, close up portraits of your kids faces).

  • Display & Gift: If you look around your house and you only have baby photos up of your 8 year old, it might be time to think about re-decorating with your new family photos! Our photographers can work with you to create beautiful prints that you can use to incorporate into your home decor, from your living room to your kid's bedrooms or to brighten your day at the office. Printing your photos professionally is not as expensive as you might think, and the quality difference means you will have a photo for generations instead of something that will fade in a year or two.
  • Share: Keep your friends & family updated on your family- ask your professional photographer about purchasing a DVD and the "digital rights"of your photo session, which will allow you to share your photos on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter,  or email.



To schedule your Easter family and kids photo session, email or call us at (407) 503-1365. And please let us know sooner rather than later, since it is one of our busiest times of the year here for our Family Art Photography team! Explore our website or see what we're up to on: Facebook & Google+


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